One of my face book friends wrote. “although I don’t have any

materialistic desires I still worry about grandchildren, their future,

getting older, sickness and catching up with work around the house.”

This was in response to my last post, “Can We Enjoy Freedom.”


This is the common situation with people everywhere. Note that most

of what is mentioned as sources of worry have not happened and are

unpredictable. There are things in life that we cannot avoid, such as

getting older or getting sick. Worrying about them and about grand-

children’s future, brings no benefit to anyone, but adds a layer of distress,

even if not consciously felt. Chronic stress produces stress hormones

that lead to illness and shortened lifespan.


All the problems mentioned, and others according to circumstances,

are due to attachment. In Indian teachings it is called moha, and is one

of the five obstacles to spiritual development. They are kaam, krodh,

moha, lobha andahamkar. Removing mohathrough detachment (vairagya)

is essential to attaining peace and mental balance.


House work has no end. There is a quotation, “A woman’s work in

never done.” Work has a habit of hanging around, so do what needs to

be done, even if spread out over time. But doing it happily is the antidote

since it is your duty as a service to God.


Worrying is a habit we have learned and we maintain it unconsciously.

To deal with it effectively, we need to practice introspection, to be aware

of our feelings, emotions and states of our mind. Once we are aware, and

if there are undesirable states, then we need to diligently remove them,

knowing that they are useless in the long run, and even injurious to our

health and wellbeing. Look at life’s issues from the point of view of the

Divine Soul that you are!

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