Where is God that I should worship Him?

In which church, temple, mosque or holy place?

Tell me, O wise man! That I may know,

And cease wandering as others do.

Everywhere I see people praying,

Entreating God whom they cannot see.

Is it blind faith or mystic vision,

That keeps people in religion’s grip?

Or, perhaps, ignorance and folly?

Or fear of unseen calamity?

I see ardent devotees of faith,

With strong and fist-pounding conviction,

Extol the great virtues of heaven;

And with equally strong conviction,

Condemn the atrocities of hell.

Tell me! Have they seen heaven and hell,

To speak with such moving eloquence?

Or, perhaps, seen God and Satan,

And give testimony from knowledge?

I see people’s hearts devoid of love,

And often filled with vile sentiments,

Hearts which are fit for the savage beasts,

And not for God’s crowning “creation”.

Are people spiritually blind,

And wallow in the mire of ignorance?

Has religion, perchance, failed us all,

Driving intolerance everywhere?

Sapping Divine love from our hearts,

And implanting hate, and enmity?

Tell me, O wise man! That I may know,

That God dwells in the hearts of all beings.

We find Him by the “inner journey”,

Freed from all dogmas, creeds and beliefs.

And great will be our treasures find,

To know that God resides in our hearts.


Dr. J. Das


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