We often read in religious books or hear in religious lectures that the nature of the soul is sat-chid-ananda, and the “nature” of God is sat-chid-ananda. What does this term mean? Once we understand it and experience it in the core of our being, we would have liberation. Let us see if we can have some understanding of it:

What is sat-chit-anand? (sadchidananda– Sanskrit)

Satis Existence,  Chidis consciousness, Anandis bliss

This term refers to the Soul or to God because they have these three qualities i.e. Existence, Consciousness and Bliss.

Sat is Truth of Existence

Truth in the spiritual sense means that you are truthful in thought, word and deed. But it is more than that. In the real sense, Truth cannot be false. If we say it is daylight, it is true in the daytime. When night arrives, the true statement becomes false. Life is full of examples of truth one time that becomes false another time. Life is true until death occurs. So what is Truth that is always true?

Chid is Consciousness

Consciousness manifests in all living things. But do bacteria, plants, animals and humans have the same consciousness? How about non-living things? We cannot deny that God is Conscious. And God is sarva-vyapakor omnipresent. Consciousness therefore manifests in varying degrees from latent in the non-living things, to different degrees of manifestation in all living things. On the earth plane humans manifest the highest degree of consciousness.

Anand is Bliss.

We can say that bliss is the highest degree of happiness, of joy. Life is full of happiness and sorrow. These are at the emotional level. So what can be blissful all the time? It is none other than our True Self, the Soul or Atman, and the soul is a projection or emanation of God.

What is the Self?

The Self has various levels of meaning. The Self is what you give as identity, e.g. name, family tradition, occupation, culture, religion, geographical location, etc. It is really a relative self in relationship with what we relate to in our day-to-day life. But there is another self – The Absolute Self. The Absolute Self is without a second. It can be only your spirit. It cannot be divided. It is the Atman or soul that is always united with God, but because of ignorance we are not aware of the unity.

To summarize then we can say, Truth is God and God is Truth. Consciousness is God and God is Consciousness. Bliss is God and God is Bliss. Thus, Kabir Saheb teaches that the Self merges into God-consciousness, and loses its identity. They are One!

Dr. Jagessar Das

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