There is a way of looking at the soul and God:

God is Omnipresent, therefore is in all of “creation”. God is Eternal, Infinite, Omniscient, Omnipotent and is Indivisible. Since God has these attributes attested to by scriptures, He must necessarily be every-where in the universe, including in all of us. And since there is no agent outside of God to “create” the soul, the soul must be of God. Therefore, they are, in reality, only one. The apparent separation is illusory due to the misapprehension of Reality.

As an example, the powerhouse generates electricity that travels in the wires to your gadgets and my gadgets. Think of the powerhouse as God and the electricity “animating”our gadgets as the soul. They are the same, never separated. The soul in us is like the electricity animating us.

I was a goldsmith, and all the gold jewelry had different forms, names, sizes and functions, but they were all the same gold. Similarly, all the forms in nature, including the soul, are of the same origin, which is God.

Satguru Kabir said,जबमैंथातबहरि नाही, अबहरि हैमैंनाही.When I considered that I existed as an individual, then God was away from me. But then I realized that God exists, and I do not exist. Again he said,

“Water is in the jar, and the jar is in warer. The jar breaks and both waters become one. Let us understand this gyan.” “Your Master dwells in you. Why do you seek Him outside,” “Just as oil is in the sesame, and fire in the flint, just so your Master dwells in you. Wake up if you can!”

There are countless more examples to enlighten us. Therefore, let us all strive to awaken to God Realization!


Dr. J. Das


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