Have you ever thought of how intricately the Master Engineer crafted the body? Most often we do not. We are not aware that the body is a self regulating, self repairing, “machine” that has mental and intellectual functions, feelings, sensations, mobility-both voluntary and involuntary, knows how to imagine and plan and execute projects, and automatically rests in sleep and wakes up to activity. Every organ from the brain to the bones and the skin are all connected to each other and communicate through the nervous system, the hormonal system, the blood circulating system, and the immune system. The sensory organs interact with the external world, and all experiences and knowledge are stored to be used as life unfolds, and there is need for them. Should we not then marvel at the intricacy and function of the body? No human engineer can ever come close to inventing a machine of such complexity!


All the body needs is proper fuel in the form of nutritious food and drink, and it will do all the rest automatically for a whole lifespan of many years. You need to protect it from the harshness of climate with proper clothing, and shelter, and see how efficiently it will serve you, even when you do not pay much attention to it. I think that we forget to be thankful to God for the gift of life, and the body to make it manifest in the world. Satguru Kabir recognized the value of the gift in the body, calling it anbedha heera(a flawless diamond)


But we take the body for granted. We often abuse it by indulgence with excess food, drink, sensory gratifications, sedentary lifestyles, and by various passions. There is really no place for harmful or unnecessary items to be put in the body such as tobacco smoke in the lungs, alcohol and narcotic drugs in the blood, forcing to body to adapt to “high fashion” that sometimes restrict free movements, posture and blood circulation. Beware that the mind often dictates how we deal with the body for better or worse. Satguru Kabir said, “Do not indulge in the dictates of the mind. They are countless. Control the mind as a rider controls his horse. If you do this you would be a true sadhu.”


Dr. Jagessar Das

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