The Awakening Lotus

The Awakening Lotus


The Awakening Lotus


What a beautiful metaphor:

The Lotus awakening to caress the cool sunshine!

It continues its rhythm with every sunrise,

And goes to sleep as day ebbs into night.

We also follow this natural rhythm,

Of awakening to the light and sleeping at night.

A universal rhythm pervades the universe,

As we can see in nature and the cosmos.

To be static is not nature’s rule,

For even the rocks have atomic motion.

Think of our divinely crafted body:

Every living cell is in perpetual motion.

And energy is the motive force in all.

This energy also flows along the spine,

Rising through the lotuses — the chakras,

And opening each to spiritual light.

When the thousand-petalled lotus is reached,

It opens to the radiant light of enlightenment.

The yogis placed this last lotus in the brain,

Which we know is, anatomically, its proper place,

As Consciousness is concentrated there.

It is consciousness that is enlightened,

And propels one into spiritual ecstasy.

The bliss of this state is unfathomable,

And cannot be described in words.

It has its own celestial language,

Spoken silently to the awakened heart.

This is the thunder of silence,

And the peace that passeth all understanding,

That great teachers of humanity experienced,

And have urged us also to follow the path.

Our life is sacred and its purpose divine.

Let us not squander this gift of life,

And depart without achieving our goal.

Be like the beautiful lotus flower:

It follows its natural rhythm all its life,

It passes no judgments, and has no hangups.

Purity is its essential nature,

And so also should be ours.

Our source is divine and our spirit divine,

And as the lotus growing in mud is pure,

Let us living in a “muddy” world also be pure.


Dr. Jagessar Das


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