Selected Sakhis Of Kabir

Selected Sakhis Of Kabir


Kabir’s sakhis (testimonies) bear witness to practically all

Aspects of human behaviour – from the mundane to the spiritual

and sublime.This would account for the sentiment, expressed by

some, that he had eyes all over his body to enable him to make

such astute observations


Selected Sakhis Of Kabir:


  1. kabir khare bazar me, sabki chahai khair;

na kahu se dosti, na kahu se bair.


Kabir stands in the market place and wishes everyone well.

He is neither attached to anyone nor an enemy to anyone.

(a saint looks upon all people with equal vision)


  1. pothi parhi parhi jag muwa, pandit bhaya no koi;

dhai akhar prem ka, parhe so pandit hoi.


People of the world have read volumes of books but none

has become a learned pandit.

He who has read the two and a half letters contained in

prem (love) becomes a pandit.


  1. kasturi kundali base, mriga dhundhe ban mahi;

aise ghat ghat ram hai, duniya dekhai nahi.


The musk resides in the navel of the musk deer, but he

searches for the fragrance in all the forests.

Just so God dwells in every heart but people search for him

in other external places.


  1. jiw mat maro bapura, sab ka ekai pran;

hatya kabahu na chhuti hai, kotin suno puran.


O man! Do not kill innocent beings; they all have the same

life force.

The sin of killing will never leave you, even if you listen to

millions of puranas (scriptures).



  1. bhang tamaku chhutara, par ninda par nar;

kahai kabir inko tajai, tab pawai didar.


Kabir Saheb says to give up bhang, tobacco, intoxicants,

criticism of others, and illicit sex with women;

When one gives up these, then he can realize God


  1. hukka toh sohai nahi, hari dasan ke hath;

kahai kabir hukka gahai, tako chhoro sath.


The hukka (smoking pipe) does not look good in the hands of

a devotee of God.

Guru Kabir says to give up the company of the one who uses

a hukka.


  1. satguru sancha surma, shabda ju bahya ek;

lagatahi mai gir para, rahya kaleje chhek.


The satguru is the true hero who shot me with the arrow of

the word.

As it struck me, I fell, and it remained lodged in my heart.


  1. kar bandagi vivek ki, bhesh dhare sab koi;

waha bandagi bahi jan de, jahan shabd vivek na hoi.


Show respect to spiritual discriminative knowledge.  There

are many who put on an outward show.

Do not show respect to the one who is devoid of

discriminative knowledge of the word of God.



  1. jin dhundha tin payiya, gahire pani paith;

mai bowri buran dari, rahi kinare baith.


He who searched by diving into the deep water found the

pearl(spiritual gem);

I foolishly feared drowning, and remained sitting on the bank.

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