Racism is a dark stain on the wisdom of humanity. Imagine a world in which all the different species of animals fought with one another because of their “race!” If different breeds of dogs did that, there would be a real worldwide dogfight! Unfortunately, there are people that accept and promote racism. For them it would have been better if God had made only one race of humans, and only one “race” of cats, dogs, cows, horses, trees, flowers, fragrance, mountains and lakes. Racist people would then be jumping and dancing with joy!


Repulsive, Atrocious, Cruel, Inhuman, Schismatic, Malicious –

These are apt terms for Racism, thankfully not contagious.

They have no place in civilized human conduct,

For in them is no trace of the humane heart.

Racism is an invention of self-centered people.

They pretend superiority of their race.

But the idea lacks virtue, and is replete with inferiority.

It is not nature’s law to have racial uniformity,

As is plain, if we look at her diversity.

All horses are not of the same breed and color.

In creating species differences, God has no blame.

All roses are not of the same fragrance and hue,

For nature, in her wisdom, created immense variety.

Look at insects, birds, the lowly mold and majestic tree,

Look at mountains, lakes, meadows and the sea.

You do not see a boring, repetitive monotony,

But nature’s beauty governed by superlative laws.

Why should the human intellect fall prey

To inhumanity and disobey nature’s law?

The welfare of all lies in abundant love,

For God loves all, and all are dear to Him.

Don’t racists then work against God’s plan,

In trying to propagate the superiority of a race?

Should humans stoop so low in repulsive deeds,

Driven by a zeal that’s irrational and compulsive?

The flowering of humanity lies in sublime virtues,

Ordained by God’s will, through His divine laws.

Let filial love fill the misguided human heart,

For we dwell on one earth that we call our home.


Dr. Jagessar Das




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