Poem 22

pani men meen piyasi

“The fish in the water is thirsty”.
Hearing this gives me laughter.
Not knowing the soul, man wanders aimlessly,
Searching in the holy cities – Mathura and Kashi,
Just as the musk deer, with musk in the navel,
Searches the forest sadly for the source.
See the lotus in the water,
And in the lotus, the bud;
There the bee alights, gathering nectar.
Let the same concentration be in the three worlds
Even as the ascetics and renunciates do.
He on whom Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva meditate,
As do the countless renowned sages,
He dwells in your own heart –
He who is the Eternal Lord.
At this moment, He is present with you,
But you say He is far away,
Sad is the heart accepting such words.
Kabir says, “O brother devotees, listen to me!
“Without a true guru your doubts remain”.