Poem 20

Sadho ram bina kachhu nahi

O holy man, there is nothing apart from God!
God is in front and also behind.
It is God speaking in me.
God is in the North and the South;
He is also in the West and the East.
God pervades Heaven, Hell and Earth
And He reposes in the universe.
God is in the standing and sitting,
And he manifests in the waking and sleeping.
I see nothing but God everywhere.
For all of creation is His work.
God manifests in all things that do not move,
And in all beings that move.
Be full of love. Realize Him in the Word.
God’s existence is eternal,
He is the Universal Speaker.
Continuously devote yourself to Him,
And always sing His glory.
Kabir advises: “Your ego vanishes
When God touches you.