Poem 9

Pade avidya men sone wale

You are in the sleep of ignorance

O Sleeper! You are in the sleep of ignorance!
How long will you sleep?
How long will it be for your eyes to open?
For how long you’ll be engaged
In only making preparations
To seek the refuge of the Master.
Your childhood days of play are gone,
And your youth will be short-lived.
In old age you’ll endure suffering.
For how long will you remain ignorant?
You have a beautiful decorated home,
And a beautiful wife.
You have become intoxicated
As your wealth increased.
For how long will you remain lost?
Ceremonies and rituals are fruitful
Only for attaining temporary happiness.
They cannot abolish your rebirths.
For how long will you endure suffering?
Kabir gives you instruction
But to accept or not is your right.
Whether you listen or not,
When will you contemplate truth?