Poem 8

avadhu gyan lahari dhuni mandi re

Dwelling amidst the waves of knowledge

O renunciate! The devotee made his dwelling
Amidst the waves of knowledge.
In the divine unstruck melody
He has purged his worldly cravings,
And his soul ascended
The mountain peak of meditation.
He drinks the nectar of God’s love,
And he becomes intoxicated,
With the fruit of eternal knowledge.
The fruit yielded without cultivation.
The enlightened soul weaves a beautiful fabric,
Using the thread of noble actions.
On the peg of meditation
The soul casts the warp and weft
And makes the beautiful fabric.
Kabir says, “Listen to me, dear brothers,
The enlightened state is an experience
That’s unfathomable.
By God’s grace, the elephant-like mind
Passes easily through the needle’s eye”.