Poem 7

ihi tat ram japhahu re prani

Recite God’s Name

O man! Recite God’s Name!
Realize the Absolute!
Understand His indescribable glory!
God’s grace showered on you
Will awaken you from the illusory world.
The mind is verily trapped by illusion.
The five senses quarrel,
Wanting their special enjoyments.
They make a loud noise.
Cravings assail the body,
That is the home of all desires.
The mind is not destroying them.
The world is burning
With the fire of cravings,
But the liberated soul rejoices.
It’s hunting the wild animals –
Lust, anger, greed and egotism.
Kabir says, “That person is knowledgeable
Who understands this teaching.
He obtains liberation and liberates others.
I accept such a one as guru”.