Poem 5

nar ram sumir pachchitayega

Sing the glories of God

O man! Sing the glories of God.
Do not be remorseful later!
The sinner is engrossed in greed,
But soon all will be lost.
People waste their life in greed,
Deceived by illusion and doubt.
Do not be proud of wealth and youth.
They dissolve as paper in water.
Think of the God of Death,
Clutching you by the hair.
On that day you’ll have no dwelling place.
You refrained from reciting God’s name,
And stayed away from devotion.
You banished compassion from your heart.
Think of the slaps you’ll endure,
When the Upholder of Law checks your credentials.
What face can you show Him?
Kabir says, “Listen to me, dear brothers,
Go in the company of holy people,
And you will easily have liberation”.