Poem 10

ras gagan guphaa mein ajar jharai

Divine nectar flows in the celestial cave.
There, the music plays without instruments.
You experience this in your meditation.
There the lotus blooms without water.
And the swan delights in frolicking there.
There is moonlight without the moon,
And wherever you look, you will see swans.
At the tenth door there is clapping of hands,
As you behold the Invisible Lord in meditation.
Formidable death remains far from you,
And lust, anger and egotism burn away.
The thirst of age after age is quenched,
And all karmas, doubts and sufferings disappear.
Kabir says, “Listen, my dear brothers,
You will attain immortality, never to die.”

(The swan metaphorically is the liberated soul. The tenth door is the state of transcending body consciousness [9 apertures: 2 eyes, 2 nostrils, 2 ears, mouth, anus, genital organ]. The apertures stand for the body. All the experiences Kabir mentions are those in Self or God realization – a state of liberation.)