Poem 2

haman hai ishk mastana

Intoxication with God’s love

I am intoxicated with God’s love!
I have no need for cleverness,
Since I am a free being in this world.
I do not have any need to court
The friendship of the worldly ones!
He who is separated from the lover,
Wanders longingly from door to door.
But my dearly Beloved is in me,
So I do not have to keep looking for Him.
People everywhere struggle for name and fame,
And they endure much suffering.
But I am replete with the Lord’s wisdom,
And have no need for such vainglory!
My Beloved is never away from me.
And I am surely never separated from Him!
If such is my deep love for Him always
What need do I have for restless longing?
Kabir says, “I am united with my Beloved.
I have given up duality from the heart!
This is indeed a most delicate path,
And I traverse it without a burden of sins”.