Vedas Recited by Buffalo

Satguru Kabir Saheb never agreed with the caste system. Many disciples of Swami Ramanand were of low caste. Once Swami Ramanandji was invited to attend a function at Totadri, a place in South India, where the majority of the followers of Ramanuja Vaishnava sect lived. They adhered strictly to the caste system. When Swami Ramanand’s disciples arrived with their belongings loaded on a buffalo, the main priest was confused because the disciples were of various castes. His problem was how to feed them without humiliating his guests. After a discussion with other priests, he declared that only those who could recite the Vedic verses would be allowed to eat with the Brahmins. The others would have to eat elsewhere. Satguru Kabir Saheb did not like that decision and taught them a lesson. He told the head priest that the recitation of the Vedic verses is not difficult even for the buffalo. He told one of his disciples to bring the buffalo. Kabir Saheb told the buffalo: “Please recite some verses of the Vedas.” The buffalo immediately started reciting verses from the Vedas. All the Brahmins were astonished with Kabir’s superhuman power. They were more embarrassed when Kabir Saheb told them to allow the buffalo to sit with them. They realized their folly and, with due respect, bowed down to Kabir Saheb and asked for his forgiveness. Consequently, all the sadhus and saints were allowed to eat together.