The Story of Bhakt Sudarshan

At the end of Dwapar Yug, Kabir Saheb was called Swami Karunamai. He wandered as a saint, preaching the path of Surati Shabda Yoga and devotion. The great war of Mahabharata was over. Many brave kings were killed. Moral values of the people were at low ebb. At that time in Varanasi, there was a devotee of Swami Karunamai named Bhakt Sudarshan who was initiated by Satguru on the path of Surati Shabda Yoga. Bhakt Sudarshan, by the grace of Satguru, became an enlightened soul.

When King Yudhishthir performed the great Rajasuya Yajna, he invited many saints and sages to attend the function. Though all of them took part in the yajna, it was not fulfilled. Yudhishthir asked Lord Krishna why he did not hear the bell as the sign of fulfillment of the yajna. Lord Krishna said that there was a great saint named Bhakt Sudarshan who did not eat in that yajna. Yudhishthir sent Bhimsen to invite the saint. When the saint came, the Queen Drupadi prepared various kinds of food and offered them to him. The saint mixed all the food together and started to eat. When he ate some of the food, the divine bell started to ring. Such was the greatness of the disciple of Swami Karunamai.