Queen Indramati

Once Kabir Saheb told Dharamdasji that in different yugas he appeared with different names. In the Dwapar Yuga, he was called Karunamai (compassionate one). At that time there was a King called Chandravijai who ruled the state of Junagarhh. Indramati was his Queen. She was very devoted. Everyday she used to feed five saints and sadhus before she would eat. She did this for several years. One day she was waiting to feed saints and sadhus, but none came. A few days passed and because of her vow she could not eat. Satguru Kabir Saheb, who was known as Karunamai, heard about this and went to Junagarhh, along with his five disciples. Seeing them, the Queen sent her maidservant to bring them to the palace. However, Swami Karunamai refused to go to the palace. He told the maidservant that the Queen, herself, should come to request their visit. When the Queen heard this, she went personally to invite them. After paying respects to Swami Karunamai, she entreated him to accept the food that she had prepared. His five disciples enjoyed their meal. The Queen felt dejected that Swami Karunamai did not eat. He told her that he did not need to eat. His was the Divine form above the five gross elements. She then requested him to give her some spiritual advice. Swami Karunamai showed her the way of devotion and of easy union with God. He also gave her a glimpse of his Eternal abode. The King and Queen became his disciples. By his grace they reached the Supreme abode.