Kabir Kotha

Once Satguru Kabir Saheb was on his tour to preach to the people of Western India. At that time he went to Dwarka, a city of pilgrimage on the seashore in Gujarat. A temple of Lord Krishna is there. When Kabir Saheb stayed in that city, he used to preach to the pilgrims on the sandy beach. His devotional songs influenced the hearts of many. His message of truth, love, devotion and universal brotherhood attracted many people. They became his followers. He taught them not to hurt or kill other creatures. He told them to get rid of the negative passions of lust, anger, attachment, greed and egoism, and to replace them with the noble actions such as to serve, love, give, meditate and realize. On the stone where he used to sit and preach, a rectangular monument was built in his honour. It is called Kabir Kotha. It is said that the tides of the ocean never overflows on that monument.