Incident of Madhukar

Once Kabir Saheb told the story of his past appearances to Dharamdasji. In Treta Yug Kabir Saheb was famous by the name of Munindra Swami. In Ayodhya, there lived a Brahmin named Madhukar. He was a disciple of Munindra Swami. The first time when Munindra Swami came to Ayodhya, Madhukar went to see him. After listening to his spiritual discourses, Madhukar realized that he was the spiritual master for him. Madhukar bowed at his feet and invited him to his home. He showed a great deal of devotion to Munindra Swami and asked him to accept him as his disciple. Munindra Swami, seeing the earnest desire of Madhukar, accepted him as his disciple. He taught Madhukar the way of Surati Shabda Yoga. Madhukar had the ability to achieve spiritual heights. Munindra Swami taught him the easy union and gave him a glimpse of Satya Purush. Seeing Satya Purush and Satya Lok, Madhukar became very happy. Munindra Swami told Madhukar to preach the Surati Shabda Yoga to others. Many of the people made their way to the Eternal Abode following the path of Surati Shabda Yoga.