Glimpse of Sant Ghisadas

Khekda is a village about 35 Km. from Delhi. A Kaushik Brahmin named Sadasukh lived there with his wife. They were very devoted. Once a follower of Satguru Kabir was their guest. They welcomed him and, with great respect, offered him milk and food. They were impressed with his knowledge, and he initiated them. They then became the follower of Kabir Saheb. From that time they decided to serve food daily to at least one saint or sadhu. The couple continued to offer food to holy men for a long time. Once, for three days, no saint or sadhu went to their home. For the first time the couple felt very sad. They did not eat for those days. Satguru became very pleased with their devotion. After three days, he came to their home as a saint. It made them so happy that they felt that Satguru had appeared before them. Immediately, they served him food with great respect. The saint was very pleased with their devotion. He said to them: “I am very pleased with your hospitality, therefore, I want to give you something in return. Ask for whatever you want.” The couple asked for a child. The saint said that they would have a son. When the son was born he was named Ghisa. Ghisadasji became a saint and acquired many siddhis (accomplishments). Many people accepted Ghisadasji as their guru, and thus Ghisa Panth started.