Glimpse of Sant Garibdas

About three hundred years ago Baliram, a farmer, and his wife, devotees of Kabir Saheb, lived at Chhudani, near Delhi. They did meditation, worship and pious deeds. They were happy but they did not have a child. Baliram’s wife earnestly prayed to Satguru for a son, and she got one on the full moon of Vaishakh, in 1774, Vickram era. They named him Garibdas.

When Garibdas was five years old, he was trying to set a tune to a song of Kabir Saheb. He vowed that as long as he could not find the proper tune he would not eat. His parents and others persuaded him to eat, but he refused and went with his friends to graze his cattle. They set the cattle loose in the field and started playing games, but Garibdas sat aside and pondered on the appropriate tune for the song. His intense desire pleased Kabir Saheb and he appeared before him. All the children bowed to him. Garibdas offered him milk and his blanket to sit on. Satguru said: “I will take milk from your calf only.” Garibdas brought a dozen of his calves and said: “I will milk the calf on which you place your hand.” Satguru touched the calf belonging to Garibdas and she began to produce milk. Garibdas milked the calf and respectfully served the milk. The saint distributed the milk amongst all the boys and disappeared. Garibdas realized that the saint was Satguru Kabir. He then easily set the tune to Kabir Saheb’s song. Afterwards, Garibdas himself became a great saint.