Disappearance of Kabir Saheb

A Pandit from Mithila visited Kabir Saheb at Varanasi and said that who dies at Kashi gets salvation, and who dies at Magahar becomes a donkey in the next incarnation. Kabir Saheb told him that a person gets whatever he deserves. If one does devotion to God he will get salvation anywhere, even in Magahar. The pandit challenged him. In order to prove that all places are equal, Kabir Saheb went to Magahar to die. Thousands of his disciples went there to get his final darshan. Kabir Saheb delivered his last sermon to them. Amongst his followers were Hindus and Muslims. He told them to live in peace and harmony, and not to fight for varying religious beliefs; that his mission was finished and he will be leaving his body shortly. Kabir Saheb then went into the hut and lay down on the floor. The disciples covered him with a sheet and went out. The entire congregation then saw a light disappear in the sky. They knew then that Satguru Kabir had left his body. Hindus said that he was their guru, and wanted to cremate his body. The Muslims said that he was their pir, and wanted to bury him. They forgot the teachings of the last sermon and started to fight. They then heard a Divine Voice: “Stop the fight. Go and see if the body is there.” The important disciples from both Hindus and Muslims went into the hut. When they removed the shroud, they saw only a heap of flowers. They divided the shroud and the flowers equally. Hindus cremated theirs according to their rites, and the Muslims buried theirs. Both of their monuments are still at Magahar.