The Great Conference at Kabir Saheb’s Ashram

Once Lord Vishnu told Lakshmi that her Maya could not trap Kabir. She said: “No one can escape from my trap. “Lakshmi then went to Kabir Saheb’s ashram and tried to delude him, but he recognized her and told her to return to her abode. Lakshmi realized that she could not trap him and requested that he ask for a boon. He refused; but when she insisted, he told her that, at the right time, he would call on her. Lakshmi, being satisfied, returned to her abode.

In Varanasi many Brahmins envied Kabir Saheb and conspired to defame him. Unknown to him, they invited people to a feast at his ashram. They were promised free board and lodging for fifteen days. When he saw people arriving, he realized the conspiracy. He then urged Lakshmi to take care of all the people and he went to meditate in isolation. As promised, she provided everything for the congregation for two weeks. All were very pleased. They saw Kabir Saheb helping everywhere and said: “Kabir Saheb ki jai!”(Victory to Kabir Saheb). Some of them returning home, saw Kabir Saheb sitting under a tree. They told him that Kabir Saheb was giving a big feast to all the sadhus and saints. Why did he not go there?” When Kabir Saheb went to the ashram, people praised him. At that time Kabir Saheb said:

Na kuchh kiya na kari saka, na karne jog sharir,

Jo kuchh kiya so hari kiya, bhaya Kabir, Kabir.

I did not do anything. I could not do anything. This body is not strong enough to do anything. Whatever is done, it is by the grace of God, but it was attributed to Kabir.