Ram-Kabir Bhakt Samaj

The news about the sprouting of the dry branch of the banyan tree spread rapidly everywhere. Thousands of people went there to see it and to listen to Kabir Saheb’s discourses. At that time Gyaniji Maharaj, the disciple of Khojiji Maharaj, came to see Kabir Saheb. He had thousands of disciples in that area. Gyaniji decided to become Kabir Saheb’s disciple. He told all his followers that whoever wanted to follow him should come and follow the path of Kabir Saheb. All his followers went with him and accepted Kabir Saheb as their guru. Kabir Saheb showered his grace upon them and gave them Divine Knowledge. Gyaniji, by the grace of Satguru, had the realization of the Supreme Lord in his heart. He went to Satguru Kabir and asked him: “O master!  We are devotees of Ram and you also preached about the same Supreme Spiritual Being, Chetan Ram. Now I realized that Ram and Kabir are one. I want to make a word of greeting by using both names together. From that time, all the disciples of Gyaniji Maharaj started to use the word: “Ram Kabir.” Ram Kabir Sampradaya (religious sect) thus came into existence. The followers of this sect are in Gujarat, and even outside of India. A large number are in the U. S.