Kabir Vat (the Banyan Tree Named After Kabir)

Shuklatirth, a place of pilgrimage, is a village on the bank of the river Narmada, in Gujarat state. There is a small island in the river where two Brahmin brothers, Tatwa and Jeewa, lived a very simple life. They had great respect for sadhus, saints and sanyasis but they lacked peace of mind. A sadhu told them that they would have enlightenment and bliss if a perfect saint initiated them. But it was difficult to find a perfect spiritual master.

To find one they planted a dry branch of a banyan tree in their courtyard. They washed the feet of every sadhu and saint and put that water on the dry branch. They will accept that person as their Guru the washing of whose feet would make that dry branch alive. They invited sadhus and saints and respectfully washed their feet and poured the water on the dry branch. It did not become alive. Day after day they did so, but it brought only disappointment. They started to lose faith in holy men. Satguru Kabir heard of their vow and went to their place. They welcomed him and washed his feet as usual. They poured the water on that dry branch and it started to sprout tiny leaves. They were astonished to see the miracle. With great reverence they fell at his feet and requested him to initiate them on the spiritual path. He accepted them as his disciples.

That dry branch, which came alive, has now grown into a big banyan tree covering several acres. It is known as the Kabir Vat. It is now thought to be perhaps the biggest banyan tree in the world.