Kabir Saheb at Bandhogarhh

Dharamdasji had requested Kabir Saheb to visit his place at Bandhogarhh. Kabir Saheb did not accept his invitation and told him to search for him amongst the sadhus and saints, and he will find him there. Dharamadasji wanted to see Kabir Saheb so earnestly that he was prepared to do anything. One day he discussed it with his wife, Amin, and planned to hold a yajna (religious function) and to invite sadhus and saints. His wife, being a devoted lady, agreed. Dharamdasji sent invitations to all sadhus and saints. He prepared food and clothing, and offered money as gifts to them. He met some great saints and seers but, to his disappointment, Kabir Saheb was not among them. He thus decided not to take food and water, and was prepared to die. The Omniscient and Compassionate Satguru learned about Dharamdasji’s determination, and graced him with a visit. Dharamdasji and his wife became very happy. They welcomed him warmly, and prepared anandi arti to celebrate his auspicious visit. On that very occasion Satguru Kabir Saheb initiated Dharamdasji and his wife. Dharamdasji spent all his wealth in performing righteous activities. That is why he was honoured with the title of “Dhani” (rich). From that time he became known as Dhani Dharamdas.