Kabir Chaura

Whenever Satguru Kabir Saheb was at Varanasi, he used to give discourses at various places, sometimes even in an open market place. He was not attached to either a mosque or a temple. It was therefore important for his followers to find a permanent place for his discourses. Soon they found an open place which was near his ashram.  People prepared a nice small stage on which Satguru could sit and preach. They named that place Kabir Chaura. Kabir Saheb delivered most of his discourses from there. The place became so famous that more and more people gathered there to listen to him. He preached to them about Eternal Truth, Divine Love, Unity, Universal brotherhood, Non-violence, Compassion, Forgiveness, etc. His topics were chosen for the benefit of the masses. His message touched their hearts. At that place Kings and paupers were equal.