Dhani Dharamdasji

Dharamdasji, a rich merchant, lived in the city of Bandhogarhh in the Central Province of India. He was a worshipper of Vishnu. Once, on his pilgrimage, he went to Mathura. One day he was cooking food to offer to God, and observed many ants running out from the burning wood. He saw that many of them were burned. This made him very sad, as food cooked on the fire where many ants were burned was not fit to offer to God. He did not eat any food, which was not offered to God, so he decided to give it to any needy person. He searched for such a person and luckily saw Satguru Kabir sitting under a tree. Dharamdasji placed the food in front of him and requested that he accept it. Looking at the food Kabir Saheb smiled and said: “Do you want to pass your sins onto me which you committed by killing the ants in the fire?” Dharamdasji was very surprised and wondered how this man knew about the killing of the ants. At that time Kabir Saheb clapped his hands and all the dead ants appeared in the food and started to crawl out of the plate. Dharamdasji was astonished. He bowed to Kabir Saheb and invited him to come to Bandhogarhh. “I live amongst the sadhus and saints. If you want to see me again serve the sadhus and saints. One day I will come to you.”  Saying this Kabir saheb disappeared.