Churamani Nam Saheb

As long as Kabir Saheb stayed with Dhani Dharamdasji, there were discussions, devotional songs and explanation about spiritual matters. People attended them with enthusiasm. Sometimes such programs were prolonged late at nights. The pious participants were never satisfied listening to the words of wisdom from Satguru Kabir. The more they heard the more they wished to hear. People were greatly impressed by his distinguished personality. More and more people gathered at the satsangs, and he initiated many on the spiritual path. The younger son of Dharamdasji, Churamani Nam, was also initiated at that time. He showed intense desire for spiritual knowledge and made rapid progress on the path of Surati Shabda Yoga. When Kabir Saheb saw this young boy’s devotion and ability, he told Dharamdasji that he would be the spiritual master in the future.  Later on, Churamani Nam was nominated the spiritual master of Kabir Panth. The nomination became known as vansh (successor). The link of such succession is still upheld.