Blessings to the King of Varanasi

When Kabir Saheb returned to Varanasi from Bandhogarh, the devotees were waiting for him. People welcomed him with a grand procession and led him to Kabir Chaura. Satsang and devotional discourses started again with great enthusiasm. King Vir Singh Baghel of Varanasi, along with his queen, attended the satsangs and discourses every day. Gradually, the royal couple became very interested in Satguru Kabir’s spiritual teachings. One day the King invited him to his royal palace. When Satguru went, the queen washed his feet and wiped them.¬† She sprinkled that water all around in the palace. The king and the queen washed the Satguru’s feet again and, with great devotion, they drank that pious water which is called charanamrit¬† (the nectar from the lotus feet). The royal couple garlanded Satguru and offered fragrant flowers. They did Arati (devotional waving of light) and offered various kinds of fruits. After that traditional offering, the king requested that Satguru bless them with spiritual knowledge. Satguru was very pleased with them. He initiated them on the divine path of Sahaj Yoga (Easy Union). He taught them the path of spiritual realization. He showed them the way to practice Surati Shabda Yoga. Thus the royal couple was blessed to their satisfaction.