Blessings to King Ram Singh

When Kabir Saheb was a guest at the house of Dharamdasji, Ramsingh, the King of Bandhogarh, came to see him. He heard, and took part in, many discussions with Kabir Saheb. He realized that Kabir Saheb was a Divine Person. He arranged a grand function in his honour at his home. He asked Kabir Saheb to make him a disciple and bless him. Kabir Saheb blessed him with Divine Knowledge and removed all the darkness of ignorance from his heart. The King and the Queen took an active part in the satsangs held at their palace. They arranged for anandi arti chowka and when Satguru Kabir Saheb was sitting in the chowka, the King asked Kabir Saheb to bless him with a child, and he did. Kabir Saheb was pleased with the king’s sincere devotion. By Satguru Kabir’s grace a son was born to the King and Queen. The royal couple’s desire was fulfilled. Kabir Saheb had blessed them with forty-two continuous successions. Though the years have gone by, the line of descendants is still present.