Temple of Lord Jagannath

Indradaman, king of Orissa, once in his dream, was instructed by Lord Krishna to build a temple in the name of the Lord Jagannath. The King erected a beautiful temple. Soon after its completion, it was destroyed by the violent ocean waves. Though the king rebuilt the temple many times, each time it was washed away by the tumultuous sea. The King got tired and stopped rebuilding it.

When Satguru Kabir learned about the destruction of Lord Jagannath’s temple, he went to Puri and appeared before king Indradaman. The king, after paying due respects to him, narrated the difficulty he faced in building the temple. However, Satguru advised him to build the temple once more. He told the king that the sea would not be able to destroy it anymore. The faithful king acted on his words and rebuilt the temple. The sea again rose to destroy it. Satguru Kabir sat on the beach and planted his kubadi (a “T” shaped stick) beside him. This was to warn the sea that it should not surge forward beyond the kubadi. The sea could not go beyond the kubadi as Satguru’s divine power was in it.

The sea god appeared before Satguru Kabir as a Brahmin and bowed to him. Kabir then told him: “The importance and greatness of this temple will increase day by day. This will be the place of worship for people of all castes and creeds. All the pilgrims will be treated alike. The food from the temple will be served to everyone.”  Even today one can see the same practice at the temple of Lord Jagannath at Puri.