Sultan Ibrahim

Sultan Ibrahim Adam of Balkh Bokhara wanted to see God, and invited holy men of different religions to show him God. But none of them could. He then became angry and imprisoned them. He did so many times and the religious people became afraid. When Satguru Kabir heard about it, he went to the king and told him that he would show him God if he would release the prisoners. The King refused to release them. Satguru Kabir went to the prison and saw the holy men grinding grains with the millstones. He told them to recite the name of God. They said if they stopped, the King would punish them more severely. Then Satguru Kabir touched one of the millstones with his kubadi (staff) and commanded them to operate. Surprisingly, all the millstones began grinding by themselves. People were astonished by the miracle. The prisoners then started to chant the name of God.

One of the guards rushed to call the King who immediately went. He was also surprised. He saw Kabir Saheb standing and all the saints were reciting and singing devotional songs. He realized the greatness of Kabir Saheb and bowed down to him. Kabir Saheb told him to release all the prisoners immediately, which he did. From that time Kabir Saheb became known as bandichhor, the releaser of prisoners. People applauded and said: “Kabir is great, Kabir is great.”