Ramharsh Pandey

Satguru Kabir delivered spiritual discourses daily at his ashram in Varanasi. Many devotees from around the city went to listen to them. Virsingh Baghela, the ruler of Varanasi, heard about Kabir Saheb, and went to the ashram to listen to him. He felt divinely attracted to Kabir. After the discourse, he invited Kabir Saheb to his palace to give spiritual instructions. The news spread and many people went there to listen to him.

One day, in the middle of the discourse, Satguru Kabir stopped and took his kamandalu (a water pot) and poured some water on his feet and resumed the discourse. The whole congregation was surprised by his strange behaviour. However, no one interrupted him. But when he was finished speaking, the King asked him about the incident.

Satguru Kabir said: “Ramharsh Pandey, a worshipper at the temple of Jagannath, is my devotee. He was serving food when some of the steaming rice spilled on his feet. He earnestly prayed to me to relieve his burning pain. Hence, to cure his burns, I poured some water upon my feet.”

The King sent messengers to investigate. The temple authorities told them that it was true. The king and the people then realized Satguru Kabir’s divine powers and paid obeisance to him.