Omnipresence of God

In the course of pilgrimage, Satguru Kabir once went to Mecca. It is a holy place for Muslims. When Kabir Saheb reached there in the evening he was tired. He slept near the mosque placing his feet towards it. As soon as the qazi saw him sleeping with his feet towards the holy Kaaba, he became angry. He approached Kabir and, with a stern look and harsh words, reprimanded him for lying in the wrong direction. Without getting up, Kabir Saheb said to him: “O Qazi!  I am tired. I cannot move my legs. Please place my feet in the direction where there is no God.” The qazi immediately turned Kabir’s feet in another direction. But soon he saw that the holy shrine was in the same direction where he had placed Kabir’s feet. He then moved Kabir’s feet in another direction, but again the shine moved to that direction. In whichever direction the qazi placed Kabir’s feet, invariably he saw the shrine of Mecca turn in that direction. Soon the qazi was exhausted. Seeing his discomfiture, the compassionate Satguru told him: “O Qazi! God is Omnipresent. In whichever direction you go, He is there.” The qazi realized the truth and, without any arguments, paid due respects to Satguru Kabir.