Offerings to Manes

Satguru Kabir was once taking a bath in the Ganges. He saw some Brahmins offering “Pinda” (balls of cooked rice) and water to their deceased ancestors and relatives. Satguru Kabir never believed in such rituals. He thought it was necessary to guide the Brahmins in the right direction. He thus played a trick on them. He started to pour the water towards the riverbank. This action attracted the Brahmins. Curious to know why, they asked: “O Saheb! Why are you pouring water like that?” Satguru counter-questioned:  “What are you doing there?”

“We are offering rice and water to our manes.”

“I’m watering my Ashram’s garden,” said Kabir.”

On hearing this, the Brahmins burst into laughter and said: “How funny!  Will the water thrown from here reach your garden?”

Kabir replied: “Will your offerings reach your deceased ancestors from here?  And if they can reach them in heaven or wherever they are, then surely, this water will reach my garden, which is not far from here.”

The Brahmins could not argue with Satguru Kabir. They realized the futility of their actions. In this way, Kabir always tried to impart real knowledge to the people to dispel their baseless superstitions.