Kamali Brought to Life

Though Shaikh Taqqi tried and tested Satguru Kabir many times, Kabir always emerged unscathed. It is said that Shaikh Taqqi tested the divine powers of Kabir fifty-two times. He became utterly dejected. However, he thought of testing Kabir again by asking him to bring back to life his daughter who died a few days ago. The King agreed to this plan and they both approached Satguru Kabir for that purpose.

Shaikh Taqqi, with folded hands, said to Kabir: “Saheb, my daughter passed away some days ago. Please bring her back to life.”  Satguru Kabir accepted his request to revive his daughter. Satguru Kabir went to the graveyard with the king and Shaikh Taqqi.

Satguru Kabir stood beside the tomb and glanced at it. The tomb opened. Looking into it, Satguru called: “O daughter of Shaikh Taqqi! Come out of the tomb!”  But there was no response. Kabir then said: “O my daughter! Enough rest. Come out now.”  Immediately, the corpse became alive and came out of the grave. She approached Satguru Kabir and reverently lay prostrate before him. The king said to Kabir: “You did Kamal again.”  Shaikh Taqqi’s resurrected daughter was then named Kamali, and she became a great disciple of Kabir.