Kamal Raised From the Dead

Once King Sikandar Lodi with Kabir Saheb and Shaikh Taqqi, and others of the king’s court, were taking an evening walk on the bank of the river Ganges. Accidentally they saw a boy’s corpse floating in the river.  Shaikh Taqqi, with malicious intentions, asked Kabir to prove his power by bringing the corpse to life. Shaikh Taqqi thought that Kabir wouldn’t be able to do so and he will be humiliated. People will then again respect him more than they would Kabir.

Satguru Kabir sensed Shaikh Taqqi’s evil intentions. However, at his request, Guru Kabir summoned the corpse by merely pointing at him. The corpse floated towards them. Guru Kabir then placed his hand on the corpse’s head and said: “O soul! Enter in this body again.”  Immediately, a light passed from Satguru Kabir’s hand into the corpse, and the boy awoke from his sleep. The boy immediately lay prostrate before Kabir in reverence. The king, in great amazement, said: “You did Kamal (wonder or miracle)”  Satguru Kabir then said that this boy will be named Kamal.