Discussion Between Sarvajit and Kabir

Sarvajit’s mother sent him to Kabir Saheb to get some spiritual knowledge, but he was full of ego about his knowledge. He sent a pot full of water to Kabir Saheb. “What is it?” asked Satguru Kabir. “It is sent by Sarvajit.”  Without uttering a single word, Satguru Kabir simply dropped a needle in the pot and sent it back. On seeing the pot returned from Kabir, Sarvajit inquired about the reaction of Kabir Saheb. He was told: “A needle has been dropped in it by Kabir.” Sarvajit could not understand the reason for Kabir’s action. Hence to get the explanation of it, he went to the ashram and asked Kabir Saheb about it. Satguru Kabir said to Sarvajit: “What was the purpose of sending the pot full of water to me?”  Sarvajit replied:  “To show you that I am full of knowledge.”  Kabir Saheb said:  “However, you might have seen that the needle that I dropped in the pot penetrated through the water. In the same way my knowledge has power to penetrate through yours. Please, therefore, do not consider yourself full of knowledge. There are certainly more learned people than you in the world.” Sarvajit realized his mistake. He then bowed down before Kabir Saheb and begged for forgiveness. But Sarvajit wanted proof to show his mother. Kabir then told him to write that Kabir lost and Sarvajit won, and Kabir signed the paper. Sarvajit showed it to his mother, and she read Kabir won and Sarvajit lost. He felt there must have been a mistake, so he went back to Kabir and had the paper correctly written and signed. Again it read Kabir won and Sarvajit lost. Sarvajit gave up his ego and became a disciple of Kabir Saheb.