Conversation Between Sarvajit and Kamali

Sarvajit, a South Indian pandit, was very proud of his knowledge. He defeated many scholars in debate on the scriptures. They gave him an honorary title “Sarvajit” (conqueror of all scholars). He went to his mother and boasted of his victory and told her to call him “Sarvajit”. His mother felt sorry for his boastfulness and wanted to show him the value of humility. She said: “My son, you are victorious indeed, but still you should defeat one more person in debate.” He asked: “Who is he?” His mother said: “Kabir! He lives in the city of Varanasi.”

Sarvajit went to Varanasi to defeat Kabir.  He carried a heavily laden bull with books on philosophy and religion. When he came near to Kabir’s ashram, he felt thirsty. He saw a girl pulling water from the well. He asked her for water and then about Kabir’s residence. That intelligent girl was Kamali. She understood the reason why the pandit was there. She answered in a couplet:

Kabir ka ghar shikhar par, jahan silahali gail;

panv na tike pipilika, tahan pandit lade bail.

(Kabir’s residence is on the mountaintop and the path is very slippery. An ant cannot set foot on it. O Pandit! You wish to go there with this loaded bull?)  However, Kamali led Sarvajit to Kabir’s ashram.