Warm Welcome

King Sikandar Lodi, who was relieved of his inflammation by Satguru Kabir’s divine touch, looked upon him as an accomplished saint. To acknowledge his gratitude, the King invited Kabir to his residence at Varanasi. Satguru Kabir was taken there on a caparisoned elephant in a grand procession. The king arranged a special ceremony in honour of Kabir Saheb. After a warm and respectful welcome, the King, with folded hands, requested Kabir to say a few words which would help people to understand the spirit of true religion. Satguru agreed to the request and delivered a message of peace in a soothing voice. He spoke on the subjects of Hindu-Muslim unity, non-violence, and love and compassion etc. He told the people that God is the father of all. He is one though people call Him by various names. People should not fight with each other because of their different religious beliefs. The king was greatly impressed by Kabir’s message.