Test of Satguru Kabir

Shaikh Taqqi, a Muslim priest at Sikandar Lodi’s court, became envious of Guru Kabir whom the King revered greatly. To get rid of Kabir, Shaikh Taqqi started to poison the King’s mind. Shaikh Taqqi tried in many ways to harass and destroy Kabir, but every time his tactics failed

With the King’s consent, Shaikh Taqqi arranged to test Kabir in the courtyard of the palace. Without hesitation, Kabir occupied the chosen spot. An intoxicated elephant was immediately released to crush him. Kabir sat in meditation. He was aware of the danger. With his occult powers he immediately created two fierce lions beside him. The ferocious lions frightened the elephant which quickly ran away. Though the mahout forced the elephant to attack Guru Kabir, it retreated trumpeting in fear of being killed by the two lions. The spectators, of course, couldn’t see the two lions. For them Satguru Kabir was engrossed in meditation, and the elephant was running.