Satguru in Dual Form

After accepting Swami Ramanand as his guru, Satguru Kabir started to deliver discourses in the true spirit of Vaishnava. When asked about his guru, he replied that he was a disciple of Swami Ramanand. Thereupon, people approached Swami Ramanand and inquired about the initiation. Swami Ramanand told them that he neither initiated nor accepted Kabir as his disciple. To ascertain the fact, Swami Ramanand sent for Kabir. When Kabir Saheb came, Swami Ramanand, without coming outside of the place of worship, asked Kabir about the initiation. Kabir, from the outside of the room, politely narrated the incident on the Panchganga Ghat. Swami Ramanand remembered that he encountered a child about five years old who was un-intentionally hurt by his sandals. He also remembered lifting him up and telling him to say “Ram Ram.”  But that was a child and not a grown up person. At that very moment Satguru Kabir manifested himself in dual form. As a child he appeared before Swami Ramanand, and as a youth he was amongst the people gathered in the courtyard of the Ashram. The child Kabir asked Swami Ramanand, “Didn’t I meet your honour on the Panchganga Ghat in this form?”   Swami Ramanand was extremely astonished to see Satguru Kabir as a child and instantly realized that he was superhuman. The door of the room was opened and the people witnessed the manifestation of Kabir in two forms and felt themselves fortunate to see such a miracle.