Naming Ceremony

When Neeru and Neema took the baby to their home, many people came to see him. His beauty enchanted them. Whoever saw him felt some divine attraction to him. Some of the women enquired about his caste and religion. Neeru and Neema told them that they found the child in the Lahartara pond, and that they did not know his caste or religion. Soon they arranged the naming ceremony at an appropriate time at their home. They invited pandits and qazis to find a name for the child. The child was first seen in the early hours of the morning, and the time was considered auspicious. The pandits thought of an appropriate name. At the same time the qazis opened the Book (Koran) and found the name “Kabir” which means “The Great”. The qazis opened the Book again and again and, to their amazement, the same name appeared as many times as they opened the Book. To dispel the embarrassment of the people, the child himself spoke in a solemn voice: “You need not worry about my naming. I have already named myself Kabir, and by this name I will be known in the world.”