Adoption By Neeru and Neema

In the meanwhile, a recently married weaver couple, Neeru and Neema, came there. When Neema saw the pond she told her husband that she wanted to wash her hands and face. He told her to do so. She went to the pond. When she was washing her hands she heard a baby’s cry. She looked around for the sound. She was enchanted when she saw a beautiful baby boy resting on the lotus flower. He looked like a newborn baby, and his face had a divine shine on it.  Neema became very excited by the scene and the divine beauty of the child, that she shouted and called her husband. When he came, he was also enchanted by the baby. Neema could not resist the thought of holding the baby in her arms. She entered the water and took the baby in her arms.  She was over-joyed when she held the baby close to her bosoms. She felt a motherly love for the baby over-flowing her heart. First Neeru thought that somebody may have left the baby there and was still close by. He therefore called if someone was around, but there was no response.  He then thought that the baby was abandoned. Despite Neeru’s disapproval, Neema persuaded him to take the baby home. Thus the couple became the foster parents of the baby who later became known as “Satguru Kabir”. Whatever the legend may be, it is true that he was not the flesh and blood son of Neeru and Neema.a