Satguru Kabir Saheb

A saint comes to the world to show the right path to the people who have lost their right vision or proper sense of direction in life. In India, fifteenth century was such a period when people of different faiths were fighting. Envy between two major religions of the time was growing rapidly. Envy amongst Hindus and Muslims, Brahmins and Mullahs, touchables and untouchables, was spreading and moving like a cyclone. It was the period of religious bigotry, intolerance, and decrease of social, moral and spiritual values. People were proud of their own religious rites and rituals and scorned those of other religions. The rulers were tyrants. There was inequality amongst the people. At that time, Kabir appeared on the stage of Indian history.

There is a legend about the appearance of Guru Kabir. It was Monday morning, the full moon of Jeshth month, 1455 Vikram Era (June1398 AD), at the pre-dawn hours when Swami Ashtanand was meditating on the bank of Lahartara Pond, near the city of Varanasi. He saw a light appearing on the lotus flower in the pond. The light took the form of a baby. Ashtanand was astonished. He could not figure out what that was, whether it was an illusion or a miracle of God. He left the meditation and went to his Guru, Swami Ramanand, to tell him about the strange incident.