Emperor Sikandar Was Cured of Inflammation

Sikandar Lodi, the ruler of Delhi, was biased against Hindus and was ordering serious punishments for them. As a result of his indiscriminate and outrageous oppression, he was punished by God in the form of inflammation all over his body. Medicines and blessings administered and showered by fakirs and doctors proved ineffective. At that time those jealous of Swami Ramanand and Kabir conspired a plot to destroy them. The wicked people approached the King and advised him to request Ramanand and Kabir to cure his morbid inflammation. The King agreed to the proposal and went to Varanasi. Sikandar Lodi first visited Swami Ramanand, who refused to see him as it was against his principle to look at any Turk (a Muslim person). Now Satguru Kabir was the only hope. By the King’s good fortune, Kabir appeared before him. The agonized King immediately lay prostrate before Kabir and begged him to bless and cure him. Kabir lifted the King holding his hands. And lo!  By his divine touch the king was cured.