Deliverance of Discourses

At about ten years of age Satguru Kabir started to deliver sermons on such subjects as Eternal Truth, Unity, Non-violence, and Monotheism. He explained the path of love and compassion in his forthright, unrestrained and lucid language. He impressed the masses. Daily, more and more people attended his discussions which were full of truth. He told people that God loves all irrespective of caste and creed. All of us are His children. There is nothing like high and low castes. Everyone has an equal right to do devotion and to pray to Him. He said: “If God wanted to make pandits and mullahs of high castes and others of low castes, then why did He not make them be born with the sacred thread and/or circumcision. Many pandits and mullahs were not able to respond to his logical questions in his sermons. Some of them could not tolerate his plain truth. They were jealous of his popularity.

When they could not answer the questions he raised, they started a rival propaganda saying that Kabir was not initiated by any Guru (accepted a spiritual master). He therefore had no authority to deliver discourses on religious matters. Kabir saheb did not need a guru because he was himself the manifestation of supreme knowledge. But just to maintain the conventional tradition, he thought of getting initiated by a prominent Guru.